Economic Recovery $2 at a Time

March 16, 2009 in Everything Else

US-Series-1953-$2-Obverse.pngThis is the last week for NPR’s Day to Day, and today’s show was one reason why it will be sorely missed around BuyCincy HQ. In a collection of stories about some bright spots in the economy, they featured a small town pharmacist who came up with a stimulus package of his own. Danny Cottrell of Brewton, Ala. (population 5,498) gave each of his full-time employees a $700 “bonus” and each of his part-time employees $300.

Of course, there were a couple catches. First, the money was doled out in $2 bills. Second, a certain portion of the money had to be spent to help someone in need and the rest of the money…here’s where we start to get all excited…had to be spent at locally-owned businesses. As that boatload of $2 bills starts to circulate in the town’s economy, it becomes a very clear indication of just how vital our local businesses are as an economic engine.

And sure enough, the pharmacist has already heard of a shopkeeper that is saving up all the $2 bills that come in. What is that shopkeeper going to do with all those $2 bills? Get a prescription filled, of course.

We think its well worth a listen.

  • Randy Simes

    This pharmacist was also highlighted on ‘Huckabee’ during his Huck’s Heroes segment. Pretty neat story, but please don’t ask me why I had Fox News on and was watching/paying attention.

  • Sean Fisher

    The rumors are about to start flying around the interwebs about Randy turning GOP.