Restaurant Week Was a Success!

March 23, 2009 in Local Food, Restaurants


Well I can’t believe it’s over – but don’t worry – if you missed out – it’ll be back this fall! That’s right – Restaurant Week is over for March 2009!

I went out 5 of 7 nights – yeah yeah yeah – I know – I’m broke now – but I had fun! Where did I go? Let’s explore!

Night 1: Mesh

rw2.JPGMesh is off the Union Center exit in West Chester. It’s fabulous food and great service. The little extras at Mesh – the amuse bouche was a nice touch, soft butter (always a plus for me) and choices for everyone. I like the little touches like the imprint on the chocolate. I always enjoy Mesh!

Night 2: Chalk


Chalk is pretty close to downtown Covington and just a couple doors down from sister restaurant Greenup Cafe. The group has finally been named (sans Jean Robert) and is now Relish Restaurant Group – not to be confused with Relish in Mason.Unfortunately none of us were very happy with the dinner. It was ok but nothing stood out. The photo above is skate fish with popcorn on top. After a ho hum food and slow service, we did get gift cards for another visit. Chalk gets the Food Hussy’s Best Recovery award.

Night 3: Brown Dog Cafe

rw4.JPGBrown Dog Cafe in Mason is such a hidden treasure. It’s in a strip mall – is anything good in a strip mall? Hell yeah! The above was the Wild Boar with cumin and avocado – such a fabulous flavor. Brown Dog gets the Food Hussy’s Favorite Food Overall! award for the week.

Night 4: Daveed’s

Daveed’s in Mt. Adams is always on the list of “favorites” for most in Cincinnati…would it make my list? Well I have to say – it was much better than any other time I’ve been there – but still not on my favorites. The service was okay although when one patron asked for a vegetarian option instead of the fish (was was denoted as “vegetarian friendly” – not really – it’s fish!) – the waiter offered up the duck (um – really – as my vegetarian friend says “I don’t eat anything with eyeballs”). We all chuckled over that. The duck was fabulous, the vegetarian option provided looked good too but the desserts weren’t fabulous. It was again – okay IMHO.

Night 5: Red


Red in Hyde Park Square is one of those places I don’t go – I can make myself a steak – or so I thought! Red EASILY wins 2 awards: Food Hussy’s Best Service of the Week and Food Hussy’s Hottest Waiter! They should also win best steak – but come on 2 is enough isn’t it?! The food was all great and the service was amazing!!!!! I truly enjoyed it!

So there you have it – Restaurant Week for the Spring of 2009 is a thing of the past. $150+ later and I’m full and tired! But I had a blast! I will have full reviews of everything on Food Hussy in the next day or two.

I for one, can’t wait until the fall! I also had a bunch of new recruits that had never been before – so hey – I’m not the only one ready for it all to happen again! I hope more restaurants jump on the bandwagon and join the GCI!