Attn Covington: Lively Streets Make for Lively Cities

March 24, 2009 in Editorial

In a move sure to reduce the amount of time the BuyCincy staff spends in MainStrasse this summer, Covington may limit, or even remove outdoor dining in the popular nightspot in an effort to reduce noise.


During a City Commission caucus meeting Tuesday, Fossett and
commissioners were discussing steps the city plans to take to reduce
late-night noise and other problems in MainStrasse.

While they
talked, Fossett noted no establishment in Covington – restaurant or bar
- now has a permit to have outdoor dining in 2009, because the city
hasn’t issued any yet.

We admit that the scene in MainStrasse can be a bit overwhelming at times, but limiting outdoor seating is not the answer.

MainStrasse’s outdoor dining scene brings a vitality to the neighborhood seen all too rarely in this area (and many other cities). The weekends bring an enormous amount of visitors to the MainStrasse area, and the immense summer crowds speak to the reason why this area is so popular – being able to enjoy the city in the outdoors. This is an area where many locally-owned businesses bring their panache into the public sphere, and we believe Covington is better for it.

So, we say let us enjoy our Chez Nora outside and let the people seeking a beer in the open air quench their thirst. Because if you want a truly quiet entertainment district, there is only one way to achieve it: close it down.


Via the “Keep MainStrasse’s Outdoor Seating” facebook group: For those interested, tonight (3/24) at 7pm, the Covington city commissions will meet on this issue.

  • liz

    this is crazy, especially since they still have smoking in restaurants/bars in KY. what the hell reason would there be to ever go over there if not for outdoor seating?

  • Lori

    The reason so many folks love Paris, San Francisco,New Orleans, Atlanta, Austin, I could go on and on, is because of the atmosphere of outdoor dining.

  • Anonymous

    There is a serious misunderstanding regarding this issue. Jay Fossett was simply stating that no businessses had “applied” for their annual outdoor seating permits.
    It is my understanding that Jay personally delivered permits to businesses (and the businesses applied for them and paid the annual fee!) so they could be in compliance. I don’t know of too many other officials who would do that!
    He did not say that the city is not going to allow it. Jay has been one of the biggest proponents for outside seating in MainStrasse and other parts of the city as well. Jay gets it! He is working hard to make our city more livable and inviting to all.
    I encourage eveyone to continue to come to Covington and enjoy our atmosphere. We are glad you are passionate about this and invite you to visit as often as possible.
    Thank you!

  • Lori

    Great, I am so glad it was a misunderstanding. Let the dining in the great outdoors begin!