City Cellar’s Monthly Dinner

March 30, 2009 in Uncategorized


Last Friday, some friends and I went to the City Cellar in downtown Cincinnati for their monthly dinner. The guest chef was Chef Bill from Cincinnati Railway. I’m typically all about going out to some new restaurant – but this was a fun change of pace. City Cellar is a wine shop that has special events once a month…

cc1.JPGThe decor is great – there is a lot of beautiful stained glass throughout the shop and the staff is very knowledgeable. We had entertainment before dinner and there’s artwork throughout that is all for sale!

But of course – we have to at least touch on the food!

cc2.JPGThe four-course meal started with a seared scallop on mushrooms…The scallops were a little under-cooked for some and just fine for others.
cc3.JPGWe also had a salad as well as a nice dessert. Above is the grouper with a Hawaiian tartar sauce with avocado (basically guacamole with pineapple).

The Chef mentioned a few problems with the kitchen – which can happen in an unfamiliar kitchen – I have watched Top Chef after all!

Overall – dinner was nice and the uniqueness of it all made it a very enjoyable evening out! We were celebrating a friend’s Mom’s birthday and she had a great time! We topped off the night by stopping over to the Phoenix for a night cap!

City Cellar
908 Race St.
Downtown Cincinnati

(513) 621-9463

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