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BuyCincy Halloween Guide 2009

October 21, 2009 in Everything Else

Halloween is almost upon us, which means its time to cobble together a costume, get thyself to a party, and do the Monster Mash (after all, it is a graveyard smash). So, let us help you get in the All Hallows’ eve mood with our favorite finds of this October.

Vierow, Judith Ceremony.jpg
One of our favorite local craft stores, indigenous, has brought in a ton of great stuff for Halloween this year. In this, their 3rd annual Halloween Hullabaloo features Halloween and Day of the Dead themed art, sculpture, and crafts. Maybe its just my impending nuptials, but for some reason Wedding Print from Ohio artist Judith Vierow jumped out to me. More quirky than scary, this print is perfect for those that prefer understated Halloween decorations.

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Economic Recovery $2 at a Time

March 16, 2009 in Everything Else

US-Series-1953-$2-Obverse.pngThis is the last week for NPR’s Day to Day, and today’s show was one reason why it will be sorely missed around BuyCincy HQ. In a collection of stories about some bright spots in the economy, they featured a small town pharmacist who came up with a stimulus package of his own. Danny Cottrell of Brewton, Ala. (population 5,498) gave each of his full-time employees a $700 “bonus” and each of his part-time employees $300.

Of course, there were a couple catches. First, the money was doled out in $2 bills. Second, a certain portion of the money had to be spent to help someone in need and the rest of the money…here’s where we start to get all excited…had to be spent at locally-owned businesses. As that boatload of $2 bills starts to circulate in the town’s economy, it becomes a very clear indication of just how vital our local businesses are as an economic engine.

And sure enough, the pharmacist has already heard of a shopkeeper that is saving up all the $2 bills that come in. What is that shopkeeper going to do with all those $2 bills? Get a prescription filled, of course.

We think its well worth a listen.

Artworks Shopping Club: A New Take On Lunch Break

May 6, 2008 in Everything Else


Artworks Gallery is trying some new approaches to “office team-building,” and the kicker is: they’re having fun. Once a month, employees stage an office gift exchange that begins and ends over the course of their lunch break. How do they manage with such strict time constraints, you ask? They shop locally.

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Best of the Forum – 03/10/08

March 10, 2008 in Everything Else

bestofforum.jpgRegular BuyCincy readers probably have noticed the “forum” link at the top of our page.  Well, after working out (hopefully) all the bugs, we are ready to bring everyone on board.  Starting today, we are going to be highlighting some of the best forums posts on BuyCincy’s main page.  So, we hope you go on over to the forums, sign up for an account and interact with others interested about local shops, bars and restaurants.  Here are some of the threads now going on over on the forums:

  • Quimbob is trying to find “Cincinnati or Ohio themed commemorative tea towels.”  Anyone out there have the hook up?
  • We were wondering, “Who else ventured into the blizzard to Bockfest this weekend?”  Playing in the deserted city streets certainly made us feel (and act) like kids again.
  • And, who has the lowdown on local bars for St. Patrick’s Day?  We want to know where you plan on going, or have gone in the past.

Why Neighborhood Businesses Rule – Reason No. 4197

November 9, 2007 in Everything Else

We were very sorry to hear that the mother of the sisters who run City Roots had passed away this morning (and our thoughts are with them).  We found this out today when we called City Roots, and George from Metronation (less than a block away from City Roots) answered the phone.  Lisa and Kristen obviously had to take a leave from the business of the store, and George was filling in for them today, and possibly tomorrow as well.  

After a taking a minute to think about what had just transpired, it hit us how incredibly cool this was.  We don’t know if George has the green thumb that Lisa and Kristen do, but it really says something about the power of community, and role of local business in it, that he held down the fort so they would have one less thing to worry about in a time of need.  Reason number 4197 that local independant businesses beat the pants off "supercenters."    

Mystery Solved!

October 30, 2007 in Everything Else

A month ago, when talking about Metronation’s new signature line of candles and soaps we said,

The soap is made from "french-milled goat’s milk", the candle from a soy blend. Wonder how french-milled goat’s milk is different than regular goat’s milk?  Yeah, us too – but it sounds better, doesn’t it?

Well, when we stopped in the store the other day, George at Metronation was all too eager to tell us what exactly that difference is.  Apparently, french milling rids the soap of air, making a dense soap that keeps its form and doesn’t goop all over your soap tray.  Pretty cool…and it goes to show what we know (not much).

If you have your heart set on some french-milled goat’s milk soap or one of their signature fragrance candles (which we highly recommend), make sure to tell the staff.  The signature series had to be moved to the backroom to make room for Metronation’s Christmas gear (yes, it is that time already).     

Chance to Win Park + Vine Goods Ends Thursday

August 27, 2007 in Everything Else

Just a quick reminder for those that haven’t taken our site survey yet, the last day to do so is this Thursday, August 30th.  You will be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to the green goods experts at  Park + Vine.  The survey will give BuyCincy a chance to see who our readers are and what they are interested in.  We wouldn’t think of using our survey information for anything else (we hate it when people sell their customers’ information).  To prove we are serious, we aren’t even asking for your email address.  We will notify the winner in an announcement on this blog Friday.  So , get your chance at scoring $25 worth of green swag…Take the BuyCincy survey.

Where For Art Thou Christian Moerlein?

August 24, 2007 in Everything Else

With the release of their new Fifth and Vine Marzen, BuyCincy has been thinking a lot about where to find Christian Moerleing’s new brew (and their other tasty offerings for that matter).  So, here’s the question: where do you get Chrisitian Moerlein on tap?  I will go ahead and start it out with two painfully obvious choices.

  • Arnold’s Bar and Grill – 210 E. 8th St, downtown.  You can’t beat drinking in a bar started just 8 years after Christian Moerlein beer’s inception in 1853.  ::Arnold’s Bar and Grill
  • Kaldi’s – 1204 Main St., OTR.  Where else can you choose from great coffee or great beer?  This should be your homebar for the Midpoint Music Festival.  

So, let’s hear it in the comments.  Where else do you enjoy Cincinnati’s finest on tap?




Win a $25 Park + Vine Gift Certificate

August 23, 2007 in Everything Else

BuyCincy has partnered with Cincinnati’s green general store, Park + Vine, to give you a shot at winning a $25 Park + Vine gift certificate.  All you have to do is take a quick 10 question BuyCincy survey to help us understand our readers a bit more.  One reader will be randomly selected from the survey results to win the gift certificate, which will be waiting for the winner at the store.  We will announce the winner’s name next Thursday, August 30th, here on BuyCincy.  It’s just that easy to have a chance at scoring some green swag through your friends at BuyCincy and Park + Vine.

Take the BuyCincy survey.

Long Commutes Killing Cincy’s Buying Power

August 20, 2007 in Everything Else

According to a new report released by Forbes (and reported in today Enquirer), Cincinnati spends more money on transportation than all but five other U.S. cities.  With an increasingly sprawling metropolitan area, and without a strong commuter transportation system, something Forbes pointed out, many Cincinnatians are driving long distances to and from work, and burning a lot of gas doing so. So, what does that mean for the local economy (and you favorite locally-owned shop)?  It’s not only the fact that for every gallon you buy, you don’t have as much money to spend on new clothes, trinkets, or another pint of Christian Moerlein.  The money that we pay for gas leaves not only our wallets, but also the city in a hurry. 

CoolTown Studios had a recent article on Portland, Oregon, that drove this point home.   Portland is home to the most microbreweries per capita, the second highest number of restaurants per capita, a lively nightlife, vibrant neighborhoods, and, not coincidentally, a strong allegiance to locally-owned shops.  One large reason for this economic drive is the fact that Portlanders, on average, drive less than the rest of us by about 20%.  Instead of giving money to the pump and watching it burn away, they use their money for pursuits after my own heart, food and drink.  As 5chw4r7z commented when he submitted the CoolTown article to Cinplify, this seems to be another notch in the positive column for a Cincinnati streetcar.  In the meantime, don’t be afraid to walk, bike or bus to work or play.  To reward yourself, you can enjoy a beer with the money you saved.

Photo Credit: Flickr – MReece