How to Have a Perfect Instagram Profile?

Good angle, color, contrast and brightness! Perfect photography is much more than that. Social networks experts discover the tricks by which you will achieve success on this Internet platform! Instagram has proven to be the best platform for creating and posting photos. Whether you share footage of our latest #ootd or search other profiles of people who have wonderful posts from travel, entertainment and other glam events, Instagram is omnipresent.


Uploading photos to Instagram is a pretty simple task. The only challenge arises when you need to cleverly come up with the perfect title that should be followed by the photo.

Maximum Two hashtag on One Post

All those people who prefer to hashtag every word in the Instagram posts – they do it wrong. Do not hashtag each word in the title.” This is big “No!” Hashtag should be relevant and precise.

grammarCorrect Spelling and Grammar

If your Instagram address is not written legibly, this can be a very bad thing. Correct spelling and grammar are always important to people. If you want someone to read what you write, you need to write legibly.

This is a basic and very important thing that people often ignore. There are a lot of funny and interesting slang names that continually arise and spread (especially on Instagram) and they are totally wrong, but when you use a shortcut to every word you use and make grammatical errors, people cannot understand your post and will bypass your profile and go on.

The title should Add Value to the Photo

Make the picture even more valuable, by writing a good headline. If you want to have a title that people will actually want to read, you have to start from an image that will correspond to the text.

Do not Use the Hashtags that are Important Only for you and your Event

Image should be a story in itself. Show the best you have. No one is so special because he was on vacation in Florida – you have to come up with the creative tags and titles. I would recommend you to follow this Twitter account to learn more about Instagram and all the great thing it provides.

instagram filtersImages without Titles are big YES!

When you hashtag an image, you actually say to the Internet- “I hope that other people see this.” When you do not put a hashtag, it’s like saying, “I set this picture that speaks for itself. It is enough.”

Pictures are Better without filter

As soon as you decide which image to put on Instagram certainly ask yourselves: “Which filter to use?” You’re wrong! If you really want to filter out the image, do it with as more natural filter.

Use Popular Applications

What is the secret of successful Instagram profile? Is it right to use the filter frame and perfectly-arranged table or exotic destinations that pose in their natural beauty? It is difficult to say. But what certainly can help you to gain a greater number of followers and you are as attractive photos are supporting applications.

Instagram itself offers many options and filters, but do not force these filters – or you will get the negative effect.

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Some info on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

This game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, is a game that will keep you glued to your smartphone for hours. There is just too much to do in this game to leave it alone, even for a few minutes of a day. Explaining only a small part of this game would take hours, so I will resort to explaining few details about it only.

In order to work and socialize in the game you will have to travel to numerous locations, and when I say numerous, believe it so. For the beginning you have locations that sprawl all around California, due of its place in the world of famous. But, Hollywood and Beverly Hills are only two places that hold locations to visit ( and to live in ). Calabasas is another place of interest in California, that holds locations you would want to visit, as well as Downtown LA and LAX. There are also few locations out of the state California, but in the boundaries of USA you will visit throughout your career as a rising star. Las Vegas and New York are just two of them.


But, that is not everything. There are locations around the world you can travel to and do gigs there. From Europe and famous Paris La Rue to faraway Australia and Sidney, you will travel around the world building your fame on each new step.

When you start your life as a would be star in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood you will live in an apartment and you will have to pay 750 dollars for rent, if you want to use it. You can avoid wasting money on that, by simply not returning home, which is bad if you have things, like a pet, that give good bonuses inside.

But as your fame rises you will want to grab any chance to increase it further, and buying a home of your own is a good way to do that. There are numerous places you can buy and live in around the world, and all of them range in size and price, so aim for something less expensive for the beginning.


But that is not the only way to move out of that dreadful little apartment, you can go and live in your boyfriend’s apartment. But this has to be earned through serious dating with that person, and only after some time you will receive keys of his lair.

Living in the apartment of your boyfriend may save your money but that is a bad choice if you want to rise to the ranks of the most shining stars. Why? Well, when you have your own apartment or home you can buy furniture which will give you more points. Having few homes makes it easier to do so, because you can buy furniture for each of those homes. That is a good strategy if you have a lot of money. And if you don’t you may want to use this kim kardashian hollywood game cheats, this can speed up your progress quite significantly. That will make your progression a lot faster, and you will earn points every time you  buy a piece of furniture, even if it is the same piece.

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Guide through sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution is one rather interesting mobile phone game. In this game you take command of one of the sharks and feed with it in order to grow. Now how to go through all that, and more importantly how to unlock new sharks – this article will tell you the easiest way to unlock new sharks. I will try to mention all sharks in the unlocking order you have to go through.

Your basic shark is Reef Shark which is very small shark and surviving with it will be a challenge. You should use this shark to get familiar with controls and the map. Focus on collecting shells and grab daily chest award each and every day. Don’t buy upgrades for this shark save your coins, you will have other  things that will require them, like unlocking next shark, Mako shark. But before you unlock it you have to reach some milestones with your Reef Shark.

You will have to reach level 10 with Reef shark with no less than 100 percent bar to unlock Mako. But this is not everything you will have to do, you will also have to finish quests in order to unlock your next shark.


If all that was said is done, then you will unlock Mako shark, for 1 500 coins. If you don’t have enough coins there is a way around it. Use this hungry shark evolution hack no download to generate all the resources that you will need to enjoy the game to its fullest. Once again refrain from buying any upgrades or items. Check out what this shark ability is and then go and feed. When you gather few coins, use some of them to buy your basic map and then go searching for shells and sunken objects. To continue from here onto the next shark you will need 6 000 coins, which can be obtained through numerous missions you will be given.

Now, if you did that you will be able to unlock Hammerhead shark. When you reach this point then the road forward is pretty much straight. Every shark after Hammerhead has simple means of unlocking. You can either gather points for each of them, or you can buy them with gems ( gems are special currency in this game, they can be gathered, but also they can be bought with real money ).

For the last time I will advise against buying any items or upgrades while you are gathering coins for unlocking new sharks. If you are that kind of guy then focus on feeding your sharks and gaining levels, through that and through various milestones ( missions ) every shark has.

For your next shark you will need to gather 15 000 points, and with that you can unlock Tiger Shark which you can use for further feeding and gathering. Unlocking next shark may take a while due to requirement of 35 000 points to get it.

maxresdefault (7)

But, once you get  it, Great White, then feeding will be less strenuous due to its original size. You should use it to unlock both Megalodon and Big Daddy. I know that there are more sharks with the update, but I decided to avoid including them or any special sharks in this guide.

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Civilization – Rule the world

There are many interesting games in many genres and telling you what is the best game would be silly from me. A game I am going to tell you about is not even my favorite game, but I still like it, and I believe it deserves an article from me. This is one of the games, or I should say franchises, that shaped the future of strategy games. Well at least one path of the strategy games. Unlike RTS ( real time strategy game ) where time goes on a certain pace throughout the game, Civilization is a turn based strategy, where time goes through turns, and player takes his turn, after which other AI enemies take their turns. Another sub-genre that Civilization brought to major audience is 4x games. 4x game means that game has four distinct goals within ( four components of playing), explore, expand, exploit and exterminate.

Civilization franchise has 6 games to date , and a large number of expansions and dlcs. Important thing to note is that first Civilization was released in 1991 and last Civilization named Civilization: Beyond Earth came out in 2014.

To better understand Civilization franchise I will not talk about engines and developers, but I will focus on things this franchise brought to the gaming community.


Technology and research are one of things that define every strategy game, and you will notice in every Civilization game that a lot of attention is given to this game component. As you already know one Civilization game goes from early history, 4 to 5 thousand years before Christ and lasts up to space race, and with some expansion you will end up having a cyborg army. All this is possible with rich technology tree.

Combat in all Civilization games is automated. When your army attack another army few things decide who is the victor: ground (which can offer certain bonuses to certain units), unit type (some units perform better against some unit types), type of a unit ( from which era is that unit, its strength and other traits) and technology level ( attacking a tank with a swordsman is not really a smart thing to do).

Victory through peace can be achieved in this and many other strategy games. Victory through culture, or space race or even victory through alliances can all be achieved. On the other hand you can go military style and wipe out all enemies from the map with a nuclear bombs.

Learn More about Civilization

Many strategy games are very complex. And Civilization is complex just like others because it has to be, due to its wide range of options. Civilization games van last for hours and because of that level of micro-management needs to be high in order to keep players interested in the game. Pace of the game can be set through very detailed options menu for those that want longer or shorter games.

So if you like strategy game that will test your skill and eventually crush your hopes few times before you understand all aspects of the game, then in Civilization you will find your match.

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